Sorry I have been neglectful of my blog. Seems like we get so busy some time that time slips away without us realizing how long it's been since we connected. Since my last post I have been continuing to follow the program weight watchers gives us. Following is my progress since my last post: 10/25 gained 1.8 pounds, 11-1 lost 1 pound, 11/8 lost .8 pounds, 11/15 lost 1.6 pounds, and today lost .8 pounds. Not too bad considering it is the holidays. Keeping on track with what I eat and trying not to overdue with all the goodies available this time the of year. The key is to set you plate with what you KNOW you should be eating, not what you want to eat. Today at our meeting one of the members said she had slipped and not attended meetings for two weeks because she knew she had blown it. She got back on track and was there today because she got a post card from Weight Watchers which said "Don't give up what you really want the most for what you want right now"! What a statement. That is exactly what we need to remember during this holiday season. Eat the good stuff, but eat in moderation. Don't overdue it. Get a smaller amount so you don't feel like you are missing out on the "GOOD STUFF".

Just remember to count everything you eat, and give up what you know is NOT WORTH IT!! Get GOOD snacks to replace the cheese and crackers, and chips and dips. Substitute veggie and fruit trays and lower calorie items. Be prepared for parties by eating something before you go so you aren't hungry and tempted by all the appetizers that might be there. To make it appear you are having a good time, substitute your "drink" for some diet 7up mixed with a little cranberry juice - or - crystal light has a lot of non-alcohohlic drinks so you get the flavor without the calories. Think before you drink. Alcohol has a lot of calories. As for me, I'd rather have a small piece of pie than a drink. I would enjoy that a lot more.  But if you really want a glass of wine or drink, remember to count the cost.

Today we did a typical thanksgiving day snack and meal. I am allowed 26 points on the program. A typical snack and meal including cheese & crackers, melba toast and guacamole, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, glass of wine and pecan pie was 84 points. That's 3 1/2 days allowance. OUCH!!! No wonder the holidays are when we usually gain weight.

I'm weighing and/or measuring everything I put in my mouth. I even ate some M&M Cookies the other day. Boy were they good. Counted them in my daily total but it was really a nice treat.

Getting my exercise in.  Some days better than others but evrey bit of exercise helps.  Getting some during lunch at work and then walking when I get home.  Going to start the stomach exercise this week. 

Anyway back to the progress part - I have now lost a total of 67.6 pounds and counting. Looking forward to reaching my goal. Another 32.8 pounds to go. It's been a journey but I am looking forward to reaching my goal. NEVER GIVE UP!!

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