The #ICHURCH is an online Twitter community that is composed of people who love the Lord, who or seeking God, who are changing their lives, or who are looking to be strenthened by the Word of God. Our purpose is the inspire faith in everyone,to uplift the human condition, and to do this strickly throught the Word of God, or by methods inspired by the Word of God. Twitter has been very responsive to our ministry to them, to date we have over 200,000 followers, and we continue to grow!! We offer prayer for people all over the world, we have prayed for people from every nation imaginable, our demographics include people from all walks of life, from doctors, to writers, to laborers, to high shoolers, to any group you can think of....our sole purpose is to make life better for all using a biblical perspective, we KNOW that Jesus is Lord!! To be honest with you, We never intended this ministry to be a ministry at all, it was originally designed with something else in mind, but God really blessed us, and gave our Soul's a Direction that even surprised us, thats the Gods truth, we can not take credit for our sucess, God did it all!!! We have a loyal following that let us know how much they appreciate what we do, the one phrase that is consistently used when our followers communicate to us is that WE INSPIRE them.....We thank God for all of the support, and love that everyone has shown us, we would like to leave you with our bio on Twitter which reads...

@SoulDirection1 California
This is your #ICHURCH, spreading the word of GOD, inspiring you daily, and uplifting your spirits, Striving to keeping you strong in the Lord,Tweeting GODS WORD 24/7!!
Evangelizing The World, One Tweet At A Time!!!