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ErrolSmythe777‏@AtThyWord77718 Feb
@SoulDirection1 May GOD continue to Bless you and all the people you pray for. Amen.

pandas and rice. ‏@xLadyAnnaaJanee18 Feb
@SoulDirection1 wow thats such an Honour, coming from YOU ! Haha I love your tweets ! Can't get enough of them ! God Bless you too!

Erasmus Chinonso‏@Nobility4Christ18 Feb

Deborah‏@myvintagelady21 Feb
@SoulDirection1 Peace and blessings to you! What an AWESOME ministry God has given you guys!

Sonia‏@sonia_tx21 Feb
I needed this my brother passed away on feb. 1 thank u. "@SoulDirection1: Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people...."

♥ Belieber1D ツ‏@purpledbieber23 Feb
@SoulDirection1 Woww :) your tweets always inspired me and makes me become a better Christian xx God Bless!

charmise‏@charmise9823 Feb
@SoulDirection1. Ur tweets help me get thru everyday yall re truly blessed and a blessing 2 others

Occupy the Altar‏@OccupytheAltar125 Feb
@SoulDirection1 My Brother & Sister in #Christ, we r on r way 2 the street corner 2 plant seeds & share the #Gospel.Pls #pray 4 fertile soil

Jahs daughter‏@Nwayimaranma27 Feb
@SoulDirection1 thank u sir,ur tweets r a constant reminder of d word of God, even when am not in a positn to open the bible,tweets r there

The Vaz‏@Vaz_LowRider2 Mar
@SoulDirection1 : Thanks for your comfort and prayers. God Bless You .

christopher ediale‏@chrisjr_ediale4 Mar
@SoulDirection1 You guys are amazing ,every single tweet i read of yours always makes me happy and gives me knowledge thanks guys #GODARMY

TJ‏@itsTiFFYbaby5 Mar
@SoulDirection1 thank you so much for the fill in the blank prayers! I've used them with 5 different names already.. God bless you

Rev. G. Moyd‏@iamchosen29609 Mar
@SoulDirection1 # I Zlove you guys. You do inspire me so!! God Bless you!!!

Misael torrens‏@777misael77710 Mar
@SoulDirection1 can u help me.. I'm getting further from God.. I need a verse/Word of God.. I really need it.. Please help me..

Carole Arsenault‏@caroleannmarie11 Mar
@SoulDirection1 this is a wonderful confirmation today I received this from your combined anointing may u b blessed according 2 Deuter1:11

Grind Extraordinaire‏@GrindExtrodnare13 Mar
@SoulDirection1 #Saluting to a general in this warfare we fight

Peace|Love&Faith‏@Foreienuity_2727 Mar
@souldirection1 awww thank you soo much :) God Bless your soul**keep up the good work of Christ,letting the world know how good He is!! <3

Connie Anderson‏@DispatchmommyProtected account1 Apr
@SoulDirection1 Thank you, you inspire me!!