The Story Behind : “To The Least of These”

We have always been interested in helping the homeless. That is what God has put on our hearts to do. We’ve noticed over the years that there has always been a lot of talk about it but very few people who are willing to get out on the streets and become actively involved in this type of ministry. As we thought about different songs that we would like to write, it was a natural fit for us to think of the homeless, people who don’t have many clothes, and people who go to bed hungry every night. So you see helping others is what we truly enjoy doing and has inspired our writing.

As we began to write songs it honestly felt as if God Himself was supplying the melodies, the words and the thoughts. And it became clear to us that what we were actually doing with our music was trying to shine a spotlight on the homelessness problem facing the world today. We realize that it might be unpopular using that backdrop but we feel so strongly about this that the risk did not matter. We had to do it.

Because of the lack of attention, we felt we needed to bring this situation to the forefront of people’s minds. Our songs are dedicated to every person that we’ve ministered to on the streets, every person we’ve ever given clothing to and every person on the streets that we’ve handed a meal to or have let us pray for them.  We hope the words of these songs touch your heart because we wrote them from ours.