Street Ministry

Our passion has always been our street ministry. It is a nonprofit organization within the state of California called Sold Out Souldoers for Jesus Christ Street Ministry (SOS4JC). Souldoers is a play on the word – soldiers, which explains why we wear camouflage. We have been in existence for more than 15 years. We started out passing out tracks at places where people gathered or passed by. Over the years we have been privileged to work with several churches doing outreach. We give away clothing, food, and on several occasions, money. If money is donated to us at an outreach, we in turn donate it to a homeless person, without fail. We find great joy in helping those that need a helping hand. We both have been in those types of situations in our past and we don't want to forget how much it helped when others reached out to us. We have found that once something is set up, the community starts to help out by donating items to us that others in the community can use.

Several times people have driven up and given us clothes, toys, and other items to give to others that may need them. And sometimes when we had no idea who would help us, God sent the little children and even the homeless to help us. It was there that we learned how to really step out in faith because we learned that when God gives the vision, He’ll supply the provision. And to be honest with you, it always feels that is helps us more than them because we are so grateful to be able to help.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we make meals and drive around giving them to the homeless we find on the street. We have been doing this for several years. How did we learn?? We read a small little announcement from a church that said: If you want a clothing ministry, take some clothes and give them to someone who needs them. If you want a food ministry, buy some food and give it to someone who is hungry. We buy the food for these meals, cook it, put it in individual containers and then drive.

There are many touching memories when you do this type of ministry. One in particular was Christmas Day. We saw a lady walking down the street, and we stopped her to ask if she would like a meal. She said she had just left Burger King and had ask for food and they were not able to help her. She walked out and prayed "God, I need something to eat." And then there we were. She cried when we gave her the food. This same scenario happened many times over the years.

One thing that we would really like to do if we are able is to go around to different communities in the United States and use what we have learned to help churches reach out to others on a purely street level.