Well, this last week I "pigged out" and used some of my weekly points and not just my daily allowance.  Still within the plan, but as for me - I know better.  If I use the weekly points, I almost always add a little weight.  If I stay within my daily allowance and DON'T use my weekly allowance, I can lose.  So we're still going through the ups and downs.  I need to just buckle down and stop using the weekly points like I have in the past and get back on the losing side.  So what it really comes down to for me is that if I want to use my weekly allowance, I need to exercise more to counteract the extra points.  Most of the time it is not worth it to me to have to do the extra workout when I can just eat some more "no point" foods instead. 

I did really good during the holidays and stayed on plan and stayed losing.  Just too much temptation this last week, I guess.  Need to stay focused on what my goal is and quit getting detoured.  The cookie was really not worth it.  But it did taste good, I have to admit.  But what I need to look at is was it worth using 5 points of my daily allowance of 26?  It really wasn't if I seriously think about it.  That is what I need to do.  Seriously think about it before I eat it.

Being really busy right now probably doesn't help but I need to really take the time to get organized again.  Start prepacking lunch and snacks so I don't get in a hurry and take too much.  Every extra gram counts.  I used to sit at lunch on Monday and get the whole week organized.  Not doing that now and that is probably the problem.  Need to get back in the routine so it will go better for me.  Need to get back to the gym also instead of just walking.  Need to get that exercise in so results will be better.

So til next time - Keep looking for the good and keep looking forward to the goal.


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