Christmas Update

Sorry that it's been a month since I posted.  I've been on and up and down cycle of loss and gain.  Been busy on home computer projects so I haven't been exercising like I was and like I should.  My journey for the last month is:  11/24 lost total 67.6 lbs, 11/29 gained .4 lbs, 12/8 lost 1.2 lb, 12/15 gained 1.6 lbs, 12/20 gained .2 lbs.  Mostly an upward cycle which means the exercise was really helping.  Also found out during this time that I cannot use any of my activity points or extra weekly points without doing EXTRA exercise.  I always seem to gain if I use anything but the daily allowance of points even with exercising.  I have lost a total now of 66.6 lbs.   I want to reach 100 pounds lost and I will continue to work at it until I get it accomplished.  I saw some people today that hadn't seen me in several months and boy were they surprised at how much thinner I look.  I was very proud of the success I have had thus far, but I am not finished.  I will stay the course, and cross the finish line of my goal with great joy.  Will try to post some up-to-date pictures so you can actually see the success I have had with my weight loss journey.

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