Happy Father's Day

I have been very lazy about posting to this blog and I promise I will try harder to keep everyone updated on my progress.  Status since Memorial Day - 5/24 lost 1.4 pounds, 5/31 lost .6 pound, 6/7 lost .6 pound, and 6/14 gained 1.4 pounds.  Don't know what happened last week, but I need to figure it out so it doesn't happen again.   I'm still working hard to follow the points plus program and stay within my daily allowance, but sometimes even that does not work as we can see from last week's results.  I guess I'm really gonna have to get into my Dancing With The Stars Workout since I really do like dancing and really don't like exercise.  At least then it will be fun.  I was watching one of those weight loss programs and I heard them saying that their muscles were burning and since I really don't like to exercise, I couldn't really relate to what they were saying.  But I tried my Dancing With The Stars Workout and after about 10 minutes I understood what they were talking about.  I think this will be my answer to "getting it moving" and getting my workout in.  I will keep everyone updated on my progress.  I'm really hoping this will be the answer for me.

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