Today is a day to remember all our soldiers who have fought for our freedom.  A lot of us celebrate with barbeques and parties.

This can be a very difficult weekend if you're trying to lose weight.  Just remember what is the most important thing in your life = food or health.  We can combine the two if we use smart thinking and plan ahead.

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks but here is my success story for those two weeks.  May 17th lost 1.4 more pounds.  May 24th lost 1.4 more pounds again.  Total weight loss to date is 58 pounds.  Still looking forward to reaching my goal so I'm looking at losing at least 30-35 more pounds.  At that poiint I can become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

And another thing I didn't share previously is one of the most exciting days of my journey.  That was the day I was able to finally wear my wedding ring again.  I hadn't been able to wear it for years because my fingers were just too fat.  I love the fact that I can again wear my wedding ring.  I love my husband very much and together we have made this journey.  It really does help having someone to take the journey with you.  If your spouse doesn't need to make the journey, find a friend.  Someone you can be accountable to.

So for now, one final thought.  Just keep your eyes upon the goal and HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS TO ALL OF YOU!

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