More Radio Stations added


We just received the following exciting email, so please share with your friends. We're asking all that will to please email and request our song, "He Without Sin" by SoulDirection1 from the radio stations listed below. We will greatly appreciate your help. 

Dear SoulDirection1, 

It appears that congratulations are in order! We have been informed that your song ‘He Without Sin’ received a very strong listener response in its first month of heavy rotation on five stations. This response has come in the form of heavy listener requests and tune-ins. This is great news and a strong indication that you’ve got a potential hit on your hands. 

But there’s more good news. We recently met with program directors from other Radio Networks and are pleased to inform you that we’ve secured rotation for your song ‘He Without Sin’ on the following five stations effective May 1st: 

KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA 

KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA 

KPPR Radio Paris, France 

KRPR Radio Rome, Italy 

KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines 

This is the break we were hoping for. Radio play on five additional stations targeting major population centers across the world (San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Rome, Manila) will reach a significant number of new listeners and expose your music to a wider audience. Please be sure to share these station links with your family, friends and fans and encourage them to tune in.

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