Still working the program

I am still having my ups and downs - literally.  Staying about the same weight wise, but still working the program.  I need to seriously get some exercise into my program.  I know that is what the problem is.  I am away from home 11 1/2 hours a day but that is no excuse not to get in at least 1/2 hour of exercise.  I am now reprimanding myself to get busy and DO IT!  I am following the program food wise but the exercise now is the key to finishing the project I have started.  We just starting a Exercise Club at my Weight Watcher's meeting and I am now accountable to someone to at least get some walking in every day.  I am jazzed that I can get this program working for me.  I am going to force myself, no matter how tired I am, to walk as soon as I get home before doing anything else.  I know this is the problem and yet we all love to relax after a hard day at work.  I need to get and stay focused on the goal.  I need to lose 45 more pounds to reach my goal.  I have already lost 55 pounds, but that seems to be where I am stuck.  Been stuck here for over 6 months and getting tired of it.  I NEED TO GET MY EXERCISE ON!!!  Be letting you know how I'm doing.

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