Still Workin' It!

Still holding the 60+ loss.  I am now at 60.6 pounds lost.  I'm seriously looking forward to my goal of 100 pounds by February of next year.  That gives me 7 months to lose about 40 pounds.  At 1/2 - 1 pound a week thta should be possible.  I may even make it before then.  I have to be real careful next month because we will be going to a family reunion and then vacation for a week after that.  I need to really plan so I can stay on plan.  I know we'll be getting more exerc ise walking around the different places we visit, which will be great.  It should help hold down the weight as long as I watch what I eat.  I'm going to see if we can get an ice chest (maybe my daughter can bring one since she will be drivingthre) and we can get to a local store and get what I need to stay on plan.  That is what our last meeting was about.  How to go on vacation but still stay on plan.  So here's lookin' at  you - carrying less weight around.

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