Starting a New Chapter

Finally the work paid off.  I'm losing almost every week and have been encouraged.  Now to get back to exercise and things should really be on the run (pun intended)  Hope everyone out there that is struggling with their weight keeps working at losing it.  We need to be healthy for our family and our friends and for our health.  I personally have been taken off some medications and lowered some since I've been watching what I eat and trying to keep with the range of calorie/points I have been assigned.  Sometimes it's very hard, especially when there is ice cream or chips or candy or ..... whatever your weakness is.  One thing I learned at Weight Watchers is never let food win.  If you mess up and eat too much or eat the wrong thing, don't let that determine the rest of your day or week.  Just get back on track to what you know you should be doing.  Stay encouraged!!  It can be done.  Be strong and keep your goal in sight.  Use whatever motivation you need - a new outfit that is too small, an old picture showing where you want to be, etc.  In the end it will be worth it.   

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