Getting Back on Track When Stress Tries to Bring You Down

One thing I have found is that stress can mess with your plan.  This last month has been very stressful and I didn't feel like thinking about what I ate.  Even though I felt this way, I decided to still try to stay as close to the plan as possible.  And that type of thinking works.  After missing two meetings, I went in thinking I had gained weight.  Boy, was I surprised.  I lost 1.5 pounds.  I was surprised but happy.  It goes to show even when you don't feel like it and even if you stray a bit and lose a "battle", get back on the right tract and you can still win the "war".  Don't be discouraged when things seems to go awry.  Pick yourself up and get going again.  Never look back at your failures, always look toward your goal and winning the prize.

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