catching up

Sorry I missed posting after last week's meeting.  Maybe I "forgot" because I gained 1.2 pounds.  Not too happy about that but I kept working the program and lost .6 pounds last Thursday so I'm back on track.   The key is to not get discouraged and feel like you blew it.  Sometimes maybe you're not moving enough or your body is just saying to you "Oh yeah!  You think you're doing good - let me show you how good you are doing!"  JUST IGNORE THAT LITTLE VOICE THAT IS TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T DO IT.  At our last meeting we were supposed to have like a motto or positive phrase we use to keep going.  One of the members said hers was "I KNOW I CAN!" - not I think I can, but I KNOW I can.  I think mine is JUST KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!  If you continue to do the program and don't give up, you will accomplish your goal.    I'm looking forward to next week and getting back off the rest of the .6 pound plus more.  Need to get it moving.

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