I have been neglectful. Sorry!

I have been fighting a battle since my last post.  UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN, staying the same, etc, etc.   My highest loss in weight was 68.4 lbs.  and currently at last weigh in was 61.4 lbs.  Still working the program.  Need to figure out how to get the exercise in more because I get up at 4am and get home at 4:15 pm.  That doesn't leave much time for exercise BUT I need to get it in.     We all go through times when things get rough and we don't think we can do it.  I've been fighting illness for the last 3 weeks but still trying to work the program as best I can.  Tomorrow or Thursday I will do my next weigh in and get it back together.  Praying that God will help me work out the time and a program to get the exercise program going again.  I know that will turn the tide so I need to get it done.  I spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours on the road to work and back every day Monday through Friday.  I wish there was a way to get that much time to exercise.  Would be very helpful if I could.   So until next post, KEEP WORKING THE PROGRAM AND THE PROGRAM WILL WORK!!!

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