Checked in at my weight watchers meeting and lost 1.4 pounds.  My total weight loss now is 65.4 lbs   AND COUNTING.    Looking forward to the new and skinnier me.  Back on track.  Hopefully this will keep up and I won't go back to losing only .2 pounds.   But even then I kept hanging in there and continuing to work the program.  That is always the key.  DON'T GIVE UP!!!  Things may not look like they are progressing, but even though the weight loss seems slow, inches still count.  Sometimes you will lose inches even though the weight loss is not as much.  Keep working the program and the program will work.  WOW~~~65 pounds.   Like our leader tonight said - that's a 50 pound bag of potatoes and three 5 pound bags of sugar.   Anyone out there can do this if you just set you mind to it.  You need to be goal focused and you will make it.  Don't let people discourage you or influence you to do what you know you shouldn't do - like eating the wrong things.  Fast Food especially is not good.  The majority of it is all HIGH CALORIE food.  Try to keep as far away from it as you can.  The more you cook your own food and be careful what you do eat out, the better you will do on the program.  So, on that note, we'll talk to again soon.  Be encouraged!!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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