Ups and Downs

I'vew been having my ups and downs the last couple months.  Only losing 1/5 pound each week or gaining 1/4 pound.  I think I hit a plateau so I'm hitting the gym. Working it at least 3 times a week even with my busy schedule at work and home. Got to make it happen.  And no matter how hard it is getting up at 4am and starting work at 6am then getting home at 4:30pm.  Still trying to find the time to hit the gym those 3 times (or 4) per week.  I can't wait til the weather cools down so I can start walking.  Since I am allergic to sun poisoning, I need to COVER UP with long sleeves and a big brim hat in order to walk during daylight hours.  Right now it's rather hot to be doing that - so COOL WEATHER, COME ON!!  In the meantime I'm trying to get my walks in at work before it gets too hot.  The last few weeks my weight has gone from -3.8 pounds to +1.8 pounds to -1.6 pounds to +1.4 for a total weight loss so far of 62.4 pounds.  Still working the program is the key.  Keep faithful and work it and the results will happen.  Plus losing slow is better because your skin has a chance to shrink with the weight loss instead of just "hanging" there.  Been getting a lot of compliments lately on how well I look and younger.  Keep the compliments coming - they are a great encouragement to keep going.  I am truly looking forward to my final goal of 100 pounds lost and I mean LOST.  I don't ever want to find them again.

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