10 month mark

We'll on 4/19 I reached my 55.2 pounds lost after losing 2.2 pounds that week.  The following week, I gained 1.2 pounds and was a little discouraged since I was still tracking my points and staying within the daily point allowance I was given.  But I kept following the plan and lost .6 pounds the next week and the other .6 pounds last week so I am back to 55.2 pounds lost.  This goes to show:  do not get discouraged or embarrassed.  Your body just sometimes does weird things but if you keep on track you will reach your goal.  My main problem now, I know, is that I'm tired when I get home from work and have not really incorporated exercise in my program.  I need to find something fun and fast that will work off the fat but also be fun.  I think I'll get out the Dancing With The Stars videos I bought and try that.  I like to dance, so that may be the answer for me.  If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.   See y'all next week.

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