Radio playing our single "He Without Sin"

In April we received the following email:

Dear SoulDirection1, 
It appears that congratulations are in order! We are pleased to confirm that beginning in April, your song 'He Without Sin' began rotation on five major stations targeting different geographic regions to begin testing listener response and feedback. Please be sure to tune in and share the below station links with your family, friends and fans. At this early stage, listener response can have a measurable impact on the outcome of your radio campaign. 

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA 

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia 

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA 

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom 

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA 

Airplay on five stations will reach a significant number of listeners and expose your music to a wider audience. In a few short days, you will be receiving your first consolidated spin report for the month of April 2016, as well as additional communications from us regarding your other campaign initiatives. Congratulations on your success. We look forward to a great month ahead!

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