We are getting ready to work on new music, currently we are uploading a living legacy of messages by the late Bishop C. B. Jordan, Faith Temples Church of Christ Holiness Pastor for well over 50 years on YouTube...this video legacy goes back 18 years of rousing inspirational messages by the Bishop, as well as guest speakers, including myself. (I was a part of Bishop C. B. Jordan's ministers staff), Concerts, many milestone celebrations...that my wife Lilie Jackson filmed the majority of, and she also edited them....I did help, but she is the techy between us this work can be viewed by going to YouTube and Googling Bishop C.B. Jordan. These are complete services, so they are lenghty. Faith Temple Church of Christ Holiness is being sold, so these videos take on an added importance..preserving the legacy of a great man of God, I will forever be greatful to him for his teachings, and kindness to me.

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